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Sector 5 in Dwarka, New Delhi, is a well-developed locality known for its mix of commercial and residential amenities. Among the notable malls is City Centre Mall, which features a variety of retail stores, dining options, and entertainment facilities, making it a popular destination for shopping and leisure activities. The local Sector 5 market is vibrant, offering fresh produce, groceries, clothing, and a range of household items to meet daily needs.

Key landmarks in Sector 5 include the Sri Ram Mandir, a significant spiritual and cultural center for the local community, and the expansive Netaji Subhas Park, which provides a green oasis for walking, jogging, and recreational activities.

Residential societies such as Welcome Apartments, Abhinav Apartments, and Kautilya Apartments offer modern living with amenities like parks, community centers, and round-the-clock security. These societies are well-regarded for their quality infrastructure and strong community atmosphere, making Sector 5 a desirable place to live.